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Voice Samples

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  Accents and Skills:

A hospitable and assured voice with a great soft sell. Flexible tone and excellent command

of inflection. Excellent Soprano voice - range to top C, Music Reader. Fantastic screamer!

Natural Perfect RP; Good London/East End (family) and Yorkshire (family); Liverpool; East Coast US, Southern US. Good ear, so anything else is picked up easily with work.

  Selected Credits
Big Finish Audio

Dark Minds

Audiobook Bloodhound Books

The Vyne

BMartha Wiggett

Audio Visual National Trust
  Cadbury Heroes (ADR) National TV Commercial Fallon
  Honda Jazz (ADR) Online Commercial Ashish Biswas
Big Finish Audio

Remembering Centerprise

Betty Ferry /Mary Welch

Walking Tour App On The Record

English Language App

Computer Game Pitstop Productions

Cadbury Heroes (ADR)

National TV Commercial Fallon
Big Finish Audio
Noctalis Museum, Germany Audio Guide Johannes Hoffmann
  Lloyds TSB Message Systems Digital On-Hold

Matinée Sound

Dance to the Music of Time


Radio Drama Fiction Factory for BBC Radio 4
Big Finish AudioHeather Tracy in 'Doctor Who - Her Final Flight'

Doctor Who - Her Final Flight


Audio Drama Big Finish Audio
Big Finish AudioHeather Tracy in ‘Wakes & Revels'

Gallifrey - Spirit


Audio Drama Big Finish Audio
Heather Tracy in 'The Tomorrow People - Trigonometry'

The Tomorrow People - Trigonometry


Audio Drama Big Finish Audio

Loose Ends (Ned Sherrin)

With acapella group The Frigidaires

Live Radio

Big Finish Audio

Romances at the End of the World


Featured Vocals

DAni LAm
Big Finish Audio

Summer of Love

Mike FabGere and the Permissive Society

Backing Vocals Producer: Martin Rushent
  Corporate Narration for Blackrock, Hydrographics Office, Deutsche Bank, Southwark Council, Toshiba, HSMO, IBM, McDonnell Douglas, RAC, CPRE, Confederation Life

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