The City Wives' Confederacy

"While most of the players are larger than life (and brilliantly so) Heather Tracy’s quiet-as-a-mouse housemaid – who scuttles around in the manner of Ab Fab’s Bubbles – is well worth a mention too."
-  Kerry Ann Eustice , News Shopper

"... a remarkably funny, fast-paced drama that immediately engages with its audience on all levels. This is partly because of Sonia Ritter’s excellent direction, partly a superb and committed cast of actors, and partly Vanbrugh’s apparently timeless comic writing. ... For some serious belly laughs and a general sense of an evening well spent, hurry along to Greenwich."

-  Peter Lathan, The British Theatre Guide

"I cracked up more times than I can remember and Heather only had to walk across the stage to have me in stitches!"
-  Melissa Marlowe, Audience Member